Oryx 2.0 official weight before the competition is …

44.8 kg.


Ground Crew in Route to Houston

We are at Boston – Logan International Airport waiting for our flight to Houston. We have verbal confirmation that the rover has arrived at the hotel in Houston. Also we can blog from our phones now so expect updates from NASA’s JSC Rock Yard!

Update: We are watching them load our plane up with box after box of New England lobsters!

Update 2: Look at weather.com what you see on entire east coast is not making our trip to Houston easy. Apparently our pilots are still in Newark…

Update 3: Flight cancelled… Ground Crew confirmed that are several thousand pounds of lobsters on board the aircraft that also are not going to Houston tonight… Let’s try again in the morning.


On our way to Texas!

With everything complete and tested ORYX 2.0 was bubble wrapped for its journey to Texas, where we will compete in the NASA NIA Robo-Ops Exploration Challenge at the Johnson Space Center next week. We look forward to seeing the other teams there!

WPI’s BattleCry Demonstration

May 18 and 19 was the BattleCry event, a postseason FIRST competition hosted by WPI that attracted 48 FRC teams from around the area. We used this¬†opportunity¬†to do full-scale testing to demonstrate our rover’s capability and also let high school students drive ORYX 2.0. We had a great time teaching people about our rover. Below is a picture of Team 1124, the Uberbots, collecting rocks through the X-box joystick controls.