Technical Resources

Here is technical information relevant to Oryx 2.0 that we deemed would be useful to others.  Please let us know if you have any questions about anything technical that is not discussed.

Oryx 2.0: Project Presentation Day Poster – Our poster that was presented at WPI’s Project Presentation Day.

Oryx 2.0: A Planetary Exploration Mobility Platform –  Our final Major Qualifying Project Report.  Warning: This is a very long document.

Oryx 2.0 User Payload Development Guide – A short document that discusses everything you need to know to develop a payload for Oryx 2.0 (Updated 4.22.12)

Oryx 2.0 Technical Specifications – A short document that describes the features and capabilities of Oryx 2.0 (Updated 4.22.12)

Maxon-Ubuntu Instructions – Instructions on how to get Maxon EPOS2 controllers working in Ubuntu

Repository for EposManager – A ROS wrapper for the Maxon EPOS2 motor controllers